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Message Subject GLPVC Presents James Olson - Merging the Hemispheres of your Brain for Genius - 11/12 @ 11pm est
Poster Handle Wake Up
Post Content
Very interesting topic. I have been in search of what can open up the Pineal Gland "seat of the soul" or "gateway to enlightenment" Our Third Eye. De-calcifying and activating the gland after years of being poisoned by fluoridated water and chemical laced foods.

If this is truly the "seat of the soul" or the "gateway to enlightenment" then humanity has successfully scuttled this natural path to self-knowledge. The environment we are in right now, sitting in front of our computers, is having a negative effect on our pineal gland. So I ask the question...is there anything we can do to improve the health of this important brain structure to be able to merge both hemispheres of our brain?

Thank you!!
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