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Message Subject Advice for guys: Pre-Marriage.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
It's like with the blacks. You see why our ancestors treated them like thy did because of how out of control they can get. And look at us now. USA is fucked because of blacks. Segregation makes perfect sense now.

I imagine it's the same with women. Women's lib has made women miserable. They are told to get educated and be independent and then more times or not they get what they wanted. They get it all. Kids and career and no husband and become zombies. Unless x-husband is loaded the women is screwed time wise.

Most women once they have their first kid... last thing they want to do is leave the kid and go to work.

Our ancestors and the "old fashion" ways made sense. These poor women now have to keep up their looks, do god knows what to stay healthy and alter their faces and bodies to extremes b/c they have to keep the sex appeal up till they are wrinkled and white haired.

I feel sorry for women today. I feel sorry for everyone that deals with blacks day to day.

All stereotypes exist for a reason.
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