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Message Subject Advice for guys: Pre-Marriage.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Marriage is great if you find the right woman. But I would advise young guys to never marry before they are 38-40, at the earliest.

And marry a woman who is 6-10 years younger than you are.

One who can cook, keep a home decent, and has good maternal qualities.

NEVER marry "the hot chick".

NEVER marry a woman who yaps on and on about "her CAREER".

NEVER marry a woman who talks about her "degrees".

NEVER marry a woman whose apartment is a mess. It's a sign of mental illness/instability.

NEVER marry a woman who doesn't like animals/children.

ALWAYS determine if she has Daddy issues. If she does, ABORT the relationship. She will take it out on YOU.

You can add on to the list, the list is never complete.

 Quoting: Female expert. 27575600

So they should marry an uneducated idiot with no possibility to ever actually provide to the relationship??

Great idea, then we can keep reading all the my wife is useless and I am nearly at the point of suicide due to the financial strain threads. Or my wife left me for a younger man and took my house and never provided more then a part time shop assistants wage towards anything.

 Quoting: Storm777

OP here, ID number changed for some reason.

A degree does not confer intelligence and common sense on anyone. Some high school drop-outs are more intelligent than people with PhD's.

The point with the degree was that many women with advanced degrees tend to think that makes them more worthy. It doesn't.

A man doesn't need a woman with "degrees". The only thing a degree is, is an attendance certificate. You had the time and someone else's dime to kill 4 years or more being spoon-fed by some Marxist professor.

A good wife has the qualities I listed, whether she completed high school or Harvard.
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