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Message Subject Advice for guys: Pre-Marriage.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Marriage is great if you find the right woman. But I would advise young guys to never marry before they are 38-40, at the earliest.

And marry a woman who is 6-10 years younger than you are.

One who can cook, keep a home decent, and has good maternal qualities.

NEVER marry "the hot chick".

NEVER marry a woman who yaps on and on about "her CAREER".

NEVER marry a woman who talks about her "degrees".

NEVER marry a woman whose apartment is a mess. It's a sign of mental illness/instability.

NEVER marry a woman who doesn't like animals/children.

ALWAYS determine if she has Daddy issues. If she does, ABORT the relationship. She will take it out on YOU.

You can add on to the list, the list is never complete.

 Quoting: Female expert. 27575600

Marriage is the stupidest thing ever..poor guy finds lovely lady, lovely lady then owns 50% of everything the poor guy owns.

Just find one, have sex with her, when she starts to complain and whine, dump her find new one..repeat as necessary. There are billions of lonely, bitchy, self centered women with no clue how to earn a living so they seek out and chase men..now the game you are chasing, use em like they use you.

Marriage is a stupid investment which guarantees you will lose 50% the second you say "I do".
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