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Message Subject Wife of 23 years cheated on me, should I divorce?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No he should get out of it tamely staying friends and helping each other instead of fighting and burning bridges.
The damage has already been done, it will never be the same, but they should be friends and help each other in life.
Because you can never get enough fucking help in life it seems.
Im going to be nice to everyone from now on, im sick of the karma I get back from spreading hate, the hate consumes me every time.
 Quoting: BridgeFucker 26329297


I wonder if OP's love that he still claims for her is some other type of emotion/human response... perhaps residual doubt of the ability to move on, fear of being alone, or one of the other common things humans experience in these situations.

It may take some time to be able to tell. I don't know OP. This type of thing is usually an easy matter for me to advise on, in way way more obscene definition than I've shown on this thread.

It does sound like you've been desiring your old friend at least subconsciously, for a long time. I suspect more so admiration than romantic interest... up until this point. I urge you not to do anything hasty with that friend... that could bring a whole load of more shit into this situation and even jeopardize your friendship.

What you need is some 'you time'. Be within yourself and be your refuge. One thing your fucking wife definitely owes you is the time and peace to think. Perhaps you should take a small trip away alone. Don't worry about the kid, tell her you're going to a reunion to reunite with old friends or something absurd.
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