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Message Subject Wife of 23 years cheated on me, should I divorce?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'd go fucking ballistic if my wife did that shit. Man, I feel bad for u and I never say that to anyone...ever...because my lifes pretty fucked up at the moment myself but its due to injuries and hurting everyday not my wife.

My very good friend found out his wife was cheating on him a few years ago and they have 2 young kids. They managed to "fix things" and are currently together BUT there is a whole lot of false trust on his part now. She isn't that hot but she is the type who believes she's fucking smokin' hot lol. He watches her like a hawk and tries to have people keep tabs on her whenever possible without her knowing. Its a fucking mess. He did it for the good of his family though, because he didn't want his 2 kids growing up split between mom and dad because we grew up like that as kids and it was messed up sometimes. My friends dad died and he got sucked into alcohol big time for a few months and she used that as an excuse to fuck someone else.

You have to figure it out...are you able to ever trust her again after doing something like that? I'm the only person my wife has ever been with so I guess I could just chalk it up to her being curious if she ever did something like that but still I'd be pissed that she did something so wrong it could've fucked up our whole family. She'd realize she had it good at home all along and come back in the end. Daddy is never wrong.
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