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Message Subject Wife of 23 years cheated on me, should I divorce?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You don't talk about your love - only your wife's love for you and the greater love this other woman has for you. Don't you have love for anyone? Honestly, it kind of sounds like you are wondering if this is a good enough reason to kick her out so that you can pursue this other relationship - and that you would do it in a NY minute if it weren't for your child.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7570540

Once you love someone, I think you always do to a certain degree. I honestly found out I love my wife even more then I realized. I love them both but have a passion for my wife. I just know I will always be wondering if she would ever do it again and I don't think I can live like that, passion or not.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 17952043

Our significant others will, at some point, probably do something to betray or hurt us in some way. I believe that people need to work out these issues when possible. After all, you can move on to the next person but there will be issues in that relationship as well(different issues, perhaps, but issues all the same). People who have been divorced once have a greater chance of divorce a second time as well - because they don't learn to work on their relationships, changing what they are doing wrong and normally blaming the other person. Frankly, people don't cheat if everything is good at home. You need to talk to your wife and get some couple's therapy.

I've been married close to 30 years. Things haven't always been smooth. I can tell you that I work with screwed up kids and they are almost always from broken homes. Ask your teacher friends - you can usually pick out the kids from divorce without even having that prior knowledge.
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