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Poster Handle rocky/endtime truths
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Excellent video, I worked for black water in Moyock N.C, awhile back, The security guards you see at the end of the video are blackwater/presidential/xe or what ever they call themselfs now,I'm aviation for 25 plus years.

I worked at Hill AFB also on the A-10 program as a lead during the first gulf war, I can remember many strange sightings then that relates to UFOs, Or are they really!"UFOs"

People have been dumbed down with religion, drugs and many other forms of dis-information, You can't break free from the programmer with the program (teachings) unless you're ready and really seek out the truth, It's out there. (the truth)

Some of you know me here, Some hate me for the truth, You can't please everyone.So..Ya got to please yourself. After all it's your decision.

Seek and You Will Find

Find and You Will Believe

Believe and You Will Understand.

I'm Atomic and I'm Sub-Atomic

I'm Dynamic and I can Manifest at Will.
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