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Message Subject Venice submerged under record unusual tides.
Poster Handle waxonwaxoff
Post Content
Don't freak out. It's cycles. Happens alot.

From 2005:

Venice Dries Up!
Thursday, January 13, 2005

In Venice, Italy, gondolas are getting stuck on the dry bedsof the canals. Hotel docks are dangling in mid air. What?sgoing on here? Venice is drying up!

Venice, which usually has a few feet ofwater on the ground at high tide, has dried out due to lackof rainfall in the area. Rightnow, gondolas can onlytravel on the Grand Canal, Venice's largest and deepest.

From 2007:

Venice Canals Running Dry?

Late last year, unusually high tides drowned the city – and this week low tides “have been running as much as 70cm below normal.” This means that several of Venice’s smaller canals have dried up almost entirely, leaving some Venice gondolas stuck – at least until the water returns.

And I even have a picture: :cool2:

[link to www.flickr.com]
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