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Message Subject Venice submerged under record unusual tides.
Poster Handle pray_Italy
Post Content
<- writing from VENICE.....

nothin to see here, move along..... this is VERY normal to have Venice UNDERWATER at this time of the year....

What indeed is NOT normal is the height of the water level (such as 150cm recorded on Sunday), but this was however due to the SCIROCCO winds that were blowing here all day long and slightly increased the already high water level a notch above the NORMAL standard.

Furthermore, the actual construction site of the MOSE appears to influence the water level by not somehow trapping the incoming water for a bit too long so that the Venice area is kept with a bigger amount of water than usual where the tides constantly equal themselves with a steady water level. The building site (unofficially) appears to prolong the time necessary for the water to flow OUTWARDS so that at particular times the rise of the water level is aggravated.

We do NOT SUFFER any kind of sinking of the island or rise of sealevels around the area, it's just a COMMON and REGULAR habit we living close by and the residents of the islands are used to.
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