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Message Subject "NO BID" threat looming. When the computers stop trading...any tradable funds may drop to zero!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
OP is right about this being the most serious threat to the whole system. People have been writing about it for a few years now.

Its just like the supply chain system with supermarkets etc. The same principles really - in the name of efficiency all redundancies have been eliminated. This is super dooper when everything works 'as it should' but one tiny little spanner in the works and everything falls apart.

With high velocity trading, ie. the computer driven trading that does millions of trades in a millisecond, the speed and severity of such crisis are magnified greatly.

All it will take is something to spook the system. The collapse will happen so quickly that Bloomberg presenters will already be spewing out meaningless garbage about the past when the breaking news flashes up.
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