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Message Subject "NO BID" threat looming. When the computers stop trading...any tradable funds may drop to zero!
Poster Handle Resister
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This is an important thread. It isn't just trading that is done electronically that is so important either. Because of our high tech society combining with fractional reserve banking, all the money you think you have that isn't in your hand is just a glowing electron in a computer somewhere.

You don't have paper dollars in a vault and it sure isn't backed by anything tangible. Your savings account, your checking account, everything is really only just data because banks are only required to keep about 1% of total deposits on hand.

Think about this folks. How many of you actually use paper money at all? Most people use a piece of plastic that a machine uses to tap into the data at your bank.

When the trading stops it isn't going to take days for the effect to ripple through banks and down to consumers. You will most likely find out that something disastrous has happened when you swipe your card at the gas pump, or the grocery store, or the fast food restaurant and it just doesn't work.

Got preps?
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