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Message Subject "NO BID" threat looming. When the computers stop trading...any tradable funds may drop to zero!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Don't put too much faith in this. Whilst gold and silver have had a certain stability to them in the past because they are a physical and scarce 'real thing', they won't save any of us from the future. The system is so out of whack, and the issues driving it all are so vast and detached from any conceivably sustainable system that it will still fall apart.

You see what most people are not factoring in is that there are hundreds of millions of disenfranchised younger people (by younger I mean forty and younger) right across the western world who really couldn't give a crap about the security of Boomer's investments. When the reality of their future finally dawns on them those people will rip this society limb-from-limb in a violent convulsion of rage and despair. It won't matter if you have gold assets or silver because the entire fabric of the system, and its infrastructure is going to be destroyed.

The only questions really left are when will the spark come that ignites the inferno, what alternative ideologies will present themselves and vie for power, and how long will the chaos last?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23992770

Wow, where did you come from? And do you hang out here very often?
 Quoting: Serendipity 25458009

I do tend to spend a little time each day lurking around GLP. Its kind of like an addiction that I can't kick (I don't join because Trinity keeps banning my IP). Its fascinating to read the rantings of so many people who are totally deluded, clinging the old 'certainties' yet ignoring the growing tide of anger and disillusionment that is permeating through all western societies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23992770

this is truth

this is why I sold our house in 2006 and did not purchase another one

just think of the fact there are fewer young people than boomers...that those young people will NEVER live as well, earn as much, save money as the boomers did

that those young people are 10x deeper in debt just to go to college, have emerged into a world where they are earning less yet paying 500% more for just about everything needed to live than the boomers did

How the fuck is this system going to support houses that cost $500-$1MM in most urban areas of the USA?

That is just the beginning

The fact that this house of cards has not blown over so far has given many who were nervous a new false sense of security...and because of this more and more people - even the cautious - are being sucked into the casino

this is always the last phase of a blow off...when even the previous bears capitulate and join the market ...just before the implosion

sorry , just the way I see it, and I'm willing to eat all the losses if I'm wrong and a huge bull market is about ot start

but frankly, given global demographics, global consumer debt levels, global government debt levels, I think we're about 5 minutes from midnight

 Quoting: IssueX

I hope you bought things to survive with, because you don't have a home somewhere, gas is more than likely going to be gone or so rare that you won't be able to get anywhere.
A mule and wagon or a cut down small car will work.
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