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Message Subject Clinton & Petraeus Gagged. GOP Refuses to Subpoena Petraeus! Mistress Reveals Secret CIA Prison at Benghazi!
Poster Handle Terpsichore
Post Content
Start at the 30 minute point for context.

This should be pinned!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23014610

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14349741

I find her revelations to the public as to CIA Covert Activities and the sensitive intel, to be a treasonous act, and highly detestable as a Biographer. I am sure she was paid very well to document the life of Petraeus and probably is in breach of contracts that she had to sign as to Non Disclosure. Then starts sleeping with him and thereafter reveals in a public forum on a podium, the intel she obtained in the bedroom? What a freaking piece of shite!!

How can she get away with this? Even Jan Wenner of the Rolling Stone had the dignity in the 70's to keep the secrets of the bands out of print and certainly did not talk about any of that, when or after he was imbedded with a ROCK BAND on a tour bus for fukk's sake. This idiot bitch is out spewing highly sensitive information for some additional money touring around the country on a speaking circuit? WTF?

She brings a whole new meaning to light of the "embedded reporter?"lol What is next to be disclosed by this woman? Paula's Petraeus Penis Pics?
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