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Message Subject Clinton & Petraeus Gagged. GOP Refuses to Subpoena Petraeus! Mistress Reveals Secret CIA Prison at Benghazi!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm going to add one more quick thought.

The email story is a cover and a total lie.

Any of you who are foolish enough to believe that the HEAD of the CIA would be stupid enough to communicate with a lover via an unsecured gmail account ought to go back to watching Dancing With the Stars and leave this discussion to more critical thinking people.

Paula Broadwell is not a bimbo.

You don't get where she is in life by being weak. Not any part of her is weak.

She has an intellectual and emotional IQ that are off the charts.

Don't fall for the lies... THINK.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 23014610

Exactly, except for the "emotional IQ" part - she's probably as emotional as a poisonous snake.

step back, look a the overall story being promoted - an affair with a four-star general and head of the CIA that is outed by a bitch fight with another woman having an affair with the same guy that gets outed by an investigation by the FBI over threats between the cats?

WTF? This is made in Hollywood for daytime TV soap operas.

Now think - what type of person watches daytime soap operas AND thinks about things with the emotional sophistication of a thirteen year old girl?

Hillary's "Army," that's who.

So why target them in particular?

Because Petraeus has the goods on Hillary over Benghazi, and Hillary is afraid she can't stop him from talking. So if she can't shut him up, she's got to discredit him. But she only has to concern herself with her brain-dead zombies, so she needs to give them a hate scenario. Now let's see, what kind of hate scenario works with females with the emotional maturity of sleezy, foul-mouthed, thirteen year old girls?

How about a cat fight between two women screwing the same guy behind his wife's back?

In HillaryWorld, this automatically makes the guy a sleazebag who they could never trust, who lies when he breathes, who receives ten minutes of hate a day just for existing and who - especially - will be immediately spit upon by thirty million Hillary zombies the moment he DARES try to shift the blame for his sordid, ugly, rotten, male life onto their queen.

I'm telling ya, this is how it works. Hillary's GOT to hold on to these females, and if - and when - they find out she's been murdering ambassadors and committing treason, it's going to give them pause. Probably not a long pause, lasting only between sips of latte, but still, it's a crack in the armor of their loyalty stupidity that Hillary can't risk.

Thus, the cover story. And it even has the perfect title for the soap opera, which you can read on Drudge right now: "Stay Away From My Guy."
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