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Message Subject BREAKING: Israel-Gaza-Syria escalation. Breaking updates.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Israeli Environment Minister Gilad Erdan said there might be a major Israeli escalation within a few hours.

"Hamas bears responsibility. The heads of Hamas should pay the price and not sleep at night. I expect to see not just a return to targeted killings, but also to very wide activity by (the army)," he told Israel Radio.

 Quoting: CXTGLP

That's nice and all -- way overdue.

However, there is no escapting this: the COST of Gaza operation will be very high not just because the "world community" hates when Jews start defending themselves and will no doubt cry "genocide" any time some HAMAS boss cowardly hiding behind his own extended family...

No, the cost will be high because the LEFT-wing Israelis who abandonzed South Lebannon to Hezbollah's 100,000 rockets... also made sure that Gaza is unilaterally surrendered to HAMAS, Islamic Jihad, PRC, PFLP, al-Qaeda inspired salafist cells.

And since 2005, the WEAPONS in possession of those jihadi c*nts has gotten far more dangerous. HAMAS has the best Russian anti-tank Kornet and Metis-M, RPG-29, anti-aircraft missiles Igla, not counting the older generation but also very dangerous.

The fact that Gaza is so incredibly densely populated city that's been turned into a veritable DEATH TRAP for Israeli army. It has literally 1,000 of tunnels snaking in and out of buildings.

HAMAS are not wearing uniforms like an honourable army, but instead they fire from civilian infrastructure, which is a war-crime in and of itself that even Nazi Germany tried to avoid. Jihadis use schools, UN ambulances, mosques -- in fact, their HEADQUARTERS are in the basement of Gaza Hostital because they know that bleeding-hearted Indidel Jews will never dare to shoot at a hospital.

In CastLead, only 7 Israeli soliders died -- compared to 700 or so Jihadis (4 more Israeli soldiers were killed by friendly fire due to errant tank shell).

That's 100:1 ratio of casualties. That is unprecedented efficiency by IDF. By comparison, even in the "lost" 2nd Lebanon war, for 100 Israel soliders, Hezbollah lost upward of 800 fighters. That's an impressive 5, 6, 7:1 ratio in Israel favour. And that's consdidering that Leftists Olmert and Amir Peretz were totally unprepared for the war, didn't want the war, wasted weeks and then sent (older) Merkava tanks into ATGM/RPG death traps in the mountains ---- Israel still kicked enough Hezbollah ass for them to be quiet for 6+ years. Of 50 Israli civilians, like 45 were Israeli Arabs who didn't go to shelters and preferred to aid Hezbollah in targetting Israel. LOL, the irony.

Unfortunately, by not finishing HAMAS in 2008/2009, leftist Olmert ensured that Gaza Jihadis are far better armed and dangerous this time around.

Gaza operation is extremely dangerous and unprecedented. Sure, Russia would just bomb them like they did with Grozny twice and not give a crap about world reaction. And even then, a ton of Russian soldiers ended up dying in Chechnya wars. But Israel will never be allowed to carpet bomb Gaza. And it wouldn't even if it were allowed.

So I hope Benny Ganz and Naveh have something up their sleeve in terms of innovative warfare. If they miscalculate, Israel could be in huge trouble. Gaza is hornet's nest times 100.
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