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Message Subject BREAKING: Israel-Gaza-Syria escalation. Breaking updates.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I wonder if we may see some of those longer range missiles Hamas purportedly has fired at Tel-Aviv if the IDF goes all Cast-Lead on Gaza?
 Quoting: Newshunter

My guess is that's what Israel is waiting for. For Gazans to break the "rules of the game" by firing something heavier than Grad to BeerSheva or especially Tel Aviv.

Bibi is also trying to get his diplomatic "ducks" in order -- calling in 50 foreign ambassadors to explain the situation -- as well as prepare his own people for a war, mobilize the reserves without making too much noise and so on,

Remember, as long as socialist elites in Tel Aviv are NOT under fire, they couldn't care less about their country-men in the Southern community. In fact, if you ask the "Social Justice" crowd of phony revolutionaries & spoiled histers, they really root for Palestinians. Especially if it means that Netanyahu's government falls as a reesult of a rocket barrage going on too long...

I hope now that Olmert isn't calling the shots, that Israel will be smarter in PR, which was always its weaker point.

I mean, whose bright idea it was to call the 2009 operation "Cast-lead"??? Say what you will about Russians provoking & setting a trap for Saakashvilli in 2008, at least they were smart enough to call their military operation against Georgia "Gentle Nudging to Peace", LOL.
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