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Message Subject Dreams
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I can't count the number of times I've had re-occuring dreams about black clouds rapidly forming in the sky and fire raining down from the heavens shortly after.

Another of my dreams has been of glancing up into the sky and noticing a red horizon and a second planet. Upon a second examination it seems to be like a huge moon, larger than any I've ever seen before.

I've been curious to know how many others are experiencing similar dreams, as I have stumbled across a few people who have recounted strikingly similar dreams across the internet.

Anyone else want to share what they've dreamt?
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pope2 My dreams have 2 suns in the sky as I stand on a shore by the ocean followed by a huge tsusami but edgar cayce says the next cleansing will be by fire so fire from the skies seems a plausible doom scene.....may be wise to seek fireproof shelter when the sky blackens!!!
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