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Subject Forensic Software...
Poster Handle sn0w
Post Content
Has anyone worked in this field?

Like using Forensic Software for criminal justice purposes?

I have heard of the Canadians using this technology when it comes to court cases and court testimony to detect if people are lying.

One thing is microexpressions.

They used software to detect the expressions of anger when it comes to a kidnapping case of a father murdering his son, and when the father made a plea to the supposed kidnappers, the software detected that his face during the video appeal had detections of anger, hostility and guilt... and thats how they turned him into a suspect.

What are other ways that software can be used for criminal prosecution?

One of the things I'd like to work on solving, if I pursue an education in the field of computer forensics, is stopping all the infant sexual abuse on the internet.

I had heard the Shadow Net and the CIA/NSA Network has a lot of data of infant sexual abuse, i'm wondering why the American justice system doesn't use software to track and convict a lot of the people abusing children. We could use facial recognition technology to capture these individuals and Freemasons who are destroying and traumatizing our youth.

I'm sure the NSA already has similar technology... But why don't we use it to convict the abusers of children?

Perhaps a new "High Tech Crimes Department" against youth?

California also has a high tech crimes unit? is there any US Federal Agency that does this sort of thing?

The FBI is too slow in my opinion.
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