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Message Subject JUST-IN: Israel 'Countdown to Launch Major Ground Invasion into Gaza has Begun'! Launches 2nd Missile into Syria
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
War Drums in the North; Syria Fires Yet Another Mortar at Israel

A mortar shell from Syria landed in the Golan Heights Monday, prompting the IDF to return fire for the second time in two days.

[link to www.israelnationalnews.com]
 Quoting: DoorBert

Hate to bring up the obvious, but aren't the Golan Hights occupied Syrian territory? The Jews are trying to steal more of it by yhese actions. You won't like wgere all this is going to take us.
 Quoting: charlottehulse1941@msn.com 24075997

No, not "Occupied Syrian Territory".

When Egypt and Syria unilaterally attacked Israel in 1967, Israel kicked their asses and sent them packing.

Golan was where Syria launched the attack from.

In order to avoid such an attack in the future, Syria AGREED that the Golan would be a "buffer zone" between the two countries, under Israeli control (spoils of war).

Israel did only what was necessary to protect the nation, nothing more.

If they wanted, they could have taken all of Syria and most of Egypt back in '67, but they used discretion and wisdom and only kept the land (some of which has been returned voluntarily, yet the Hammas and Hezbollah factions keep shelling and firing missiles!) that was needed to insure no surprise attacks happened again.

That's right. Back in '67, Israel kicked the crap out of TW
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