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Message Subject JUST-IN: Israel 'Countdown to Launch Major Ground Invasion into Gaza has Begun'! Launches 2nd Missile into Syria
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Hey Steve5728 ever wonder why G-d was not willing the last time.

Maybe you need to make aliyah and help out.

We sure don't need you in Canada.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20720457

Hey asshole,

I lived in Israel years ago and served proudly there!

My young relatives are serving their right now!

So, if I were you dickhead, I would do some research before you open up your mouth!!!

I'm not in Canada. I'm in the USA, MORON!
 Quoting: Steve5728

Dual cits, dual shits.

Your GLP flag shows Canada but thank G-d you and the rest of your delusional Askenazi fake clan are not here.

For the record I'm descended from real Sephardic Jews.

And just a reminder that Armageddon is a hill in Israel. You and yours will get what is coming to you. That much is promised.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20720457

Drop dead and go burn in hell, Jew hater!!!

Fuck off, self hating prick
(worse than an Islamic Jihadist)!!!
 Quoting: Steve5728

Now, now don't let your rage at the truth get the better of you.

You're getting confused. I'm the one with the pedigree from the ancient Kingdom of Jerusalem although my family did the right thing and accepted Christ our Saviour over five hundred years ago.

Delusional Ashkenazis such as you and your kin only have a Khazar Synagogue of Satan credential and that is why things will be set straight soon enough.
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