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Message Subject Extreme weather preceded collapse of Maya civilization
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
there never was a flourishing Mayan civilization or Rome or ancient Egypt...millions and millions of human remains of the general populations and the 10's of millions of personal daily artifacts just dont disappear...the lack of enough physical evidence proves the ruins were ruins to begin with and the human remains found were props with the staged sets...the old lie of "they only preserved the rulers is bullshit to make people forget about the general population burial sites and the artifacts that dont exist...the lack of enough physical evidence proves histories were written for the sets and props...even Hollywood to make a movie come alive uses sets,props,actors and scripts...there's a reason someone once said> "if we tell the lies loud enough and long enough the people will believe the lies are true"...lack of physical evidence does not lie compared to the so-called time frames those past civilizations were supposed to -FLOURISHING-...initiate the music khristof> welcome to the grand illusion..
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

i find your theory very hard to believe in terms of structures.
 Quoting: Oyster
...what theory?...cant you critically think? where are the burial sites for the so called ancient civilizations that would have had millions and millions of humans and dont forget the industries it took to feed and cloth those millions and millions of the general populations...where's all that missing evidence? the lack of enough physical evidence shows history is a staged lie...anyone can see that if they take into account the general population,the industries and their artifacts that are missing... that which we have been told of the so called ancient civilizations stinks to high heaven...kenniwick man bones were supposed to be 10,000 years old,if his bones can survive then a 100 million other bones can survive too...the lies are catching up with the liars...they didn't cover their tracks very well...
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