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Message Subject Extreme weather preceded collapse of Maya civilization
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
May be proof that climate change ends civilizations.
 Quoting: Witch King

.... brought about by the arrogance of mankind in his destruction of the planet. The Mayans brought about their own ends by routinely cutting down huge trees for their bonfires which were used for human sacrifice. They also just as routinely sacrificed all of their 'first fruits' - virgins - both male and female, including innocent children. It's also interesting to note that they were one of the original creators of SPORTS; however, their 'sports' always ended in blood and death, for the losers.

There's a saying ... "When the Mayans return, the end is not far off." Or something to that extent. Yes, we are now in end times, yes the Mayans have returned, in the form of Latinos (Mexicans) who are the children of these Mayans, and yes our civilization aka 'mankind' has begun its own demise by the foolish destruction of our own planet. So don't look for 'climate change' that ends civilization - we should all just look to ourselves to see the destruction we have ALL wrought against nature in one way or another; we are all guilty of crimes against the earth - our only habitat - which now begins to close.

Should we earnestly begin to resist harming the earth so that we can all live and continue to prosper, very hard measures would have to be met. FOSSIL FUELS, one of the greatest forms of damage to our planet which leeches out the blood of the earth in the form of oil, should stop if the earth is to continue; the manufacture and use of PLASTIC BAGS, STYROFOAM CUPS, and other unnatural materials which cannot deteriorate in a natural manner, should also be discontinued, even though it would mean that companies would go bankrupt and others might lose their jobs. What is a job, though, when there is no planet which to sustain you?! And those jobs could be created in another form. NUCLEAR FISSION should likewise be discontinued, and the old standards of supporting electricity be enacted.

The list is too long to include in just a small space, but I'm sure that most people would get it. We human beings are so arrogant in thinking that we are all there is, that we are at the top of the food chain, and that nothing else matters but what we want. We are blind to the realization that ALL are connected on this planet: people, animals, vegetable, mineral, the oceans, the trees, plants and land, and what effects one effects the whole. If we are to survive and return our earth to a healthy state, we must all see this and begin to work together. We must put aside our petty squabbles and desist in 'class' and race wars so that we can pull together to save our only livable space, our natural habitat, the earth. Save the earth! Save the babies of the earth, the innocent animals!

Blessings to all who understand and support my statement! Thank you for reading my post. hf
 Quoting: The Earth is Weeping 16349631

Shouls also mention that the Artic Gyre is plugged with Garbage. The circulation system for our oceans is plugged with garbage hundreds of miles long and wide. A virtual vortex of plastic that is grinding itself up into Nano Particles and getting into every form of life in the Oceans.

Humans should never have shit in their own backyards. Shit thats a whole other Subject. The treatred waste world wide and untreated shit that ends up in all the water supplies around the world is staggering. Mother Nature needs to reset her clock and wipe out the parasites that cover her body. US !
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