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Message Subject Sandy Aftermath: Description of Situation Inside FEMA Camp. "We got Fucked"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"“They treat us like we’re prisoners,” says Ashley Sabol, 21, of Seaside Heights, New Jersey. “It’s bad to say, but we honestly feel like we’re in a concentration camp.“

Read more: [link to teapartyeconomist.com]
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

huh....ever been in a homeless shelter? ...oh right, no, you're rich as fuck.

gov runs this shit the same way in day to day homeless shelters. gotta show id, gotta log in and out, gotta be accounted for, always on camera, gotta live by curfews, etc.

welcome to the reality hundreds of thousands live on a daily basis in non-disaster areas. and MANY of them were hard-working people who got fucked by the real estate bubble bursting, who lost jobs due to outsourcing, who YOU thumb your nose at but whom deserve respect and compassion, yet are treated like SHIT in their hour of need.
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