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Message Subject Sandy Aftermath: Description of Situation Inside FEMA Camp. "We got Fucked"
Poster Handle Kootsweet
Post Content
If they're so heavily guarded....how in the hell are they even allowed to tell what's going on???? Just seems weird to me that they are saying anything if they can't even use the toilet without permission. cool2
 Quoting: Jeepster

the REASON they have to check in to use the potty is because they don't want people shooting up drugs in there, or rapes or whatever...when you have that many unknown factor people jammed together, it is actually SMART to monitor them because SOME PEOPLE cannot be trusted.

my mantra for today:
think, people. THINK.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27329750

I agree after the atrocities of Katrina,hopefully they have learned , I have worked at a homeless shelter,there has to be security,there are bad people,for God 's sake we live in a sick society,greed, perversion ...wake up people, you have to be able to take care of yourself and your loved ones,get ready things are going to get worse,don't rely on the government. Prepare yourselves..
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