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Message Subject Sandy Aftermath: Description of Situation Inside FEMA Camp. "We got Fucked"
Poster Handle my2centsworth
Post Content
My work place has access cards that need to be used at EVERY door.. including the bathrooms!
edit: and just to be clear, I don't work in a prison, I work in an office building: end edit

It's done to ensure no undesirables get in and hurt those working in the building.
Are you telling me that none of you GLP'rs have worked in a secure building? That is why they call it a "secure site".

I agree with a previous poster who mentioned that if something went wrong..ie: rape, molestation, etc. that there would be and outcry about the "lack" of security.
You cannot have secure, without security measures!

If people can get in and out at will.. why doesn't someone just go to the nearest SallyAnne and get a game? It would probably be given to them for FREE if asked for! A deck of cards is not a difficult thing to get and board games line the shelves of second hand stores.. for 25 or 50 cents.

These people are in a secure site for their protection.. Its time people that are in these sites, tried to help make life a litte better for themselves and others by offering to do something. Help clean, pool resources, figure out what "can" be done and "do" it!
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