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Message Subject Sandy Aftermath: Description of Situation Inside FEMA Camp. "We got Fucked"
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26713336

I wonder if people seeing this video will realize what the word "prepare" and/or evacuate means now? So many people didn't "prepare" or evacuate. So many people thought they'd go on, as normal, within days of this disaster. So many people were, and some still are, walking around with blinders on.

Now they blame the government for not preparing for them.

In our home we would have a minimum of 2 weeks’ worth of food, no problem. Being told to prepare, we’d get in another 2 weeks’ worth.. When evacuation is called for, and people don’t have vehicles because they use city transit.. how do you take, 2 weeks’ worth of food with you? You cannot carry that much stuff onto a bus.

It’s been 2 weeks for these people.. the bus service isn’t on line, to them yet. That is not acceptable. Were those busses damaged in the storm? If so, alternate arrangements by their city council should have been made. Where is their city council?

Garbage pickup isn’t happening. That is not acceptable. Did those garbage trucks get damaged? If so alternate arrangements should have been made..Where is their city council?

There are people who are still trying to get to work on a daily basis, without the city infrastructure to support them as would normally be the case… The Feds can provide the money to help and send in the forces but your city council is responsible for arranging and planning for these things. If they aren’t doing their jobs, then all the money and manpower in the world won’t help.. The money needs to be spent on the right things and the man power needs to be directed to jobs based on highest priority.

God knows, I wouldn't want to be in a high rise with no power or water. What a horrible situation. But getting power on to those buildings means fixing the wiring that was soaked by salt water.. that could take months. People in those buildings really do need to get out of there. It would seem to me that a tent city would be a far better place to be than in the growing squalor of a tenement building.

Next time people are told to "prepare" and/or evacuate I wonder how many actually will?
 Quoting: my2centsworth

its all failing, peter king the head of homeland security wants the military to take over LIPA, a public light company.

They are forcing people from there homes, by making it unsafe to live there and into FEMA camps...plain and simple.
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