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Message Subject Sandy Aftermath: Description of Situation Inside FEMA Camp. "We got Fucked"
Poster Handle can't have it both ways
Post Content
If you didn't prepare then whine because you didn't and expect to be handed a silver platter...
I see the prison camp thing going on and it probably is a practice run,again.
Protection and safety are an issue and whom would you pick to protect you in these circumstances?
People are sheep they do NOT take responsibility for themselves and expect others to hand it to them when they are down. With that said people that have done the right thing and are now stuck in this BS...can only look at it as experience. Bitching doesn't change shit action does. Fire the crap politicians and praise the good ones.
I am sure all the utility workers are doing their best...there was just so much destruction . People have to see that the government isn't able to help each person individually...wake up help your selves!PREPARE.
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