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Message Subject Voice of Elmo Denies Sex With Underage Boy, Takes Leave of Absence from Sesame Street!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Serious question: what are the homosexual influences in Sesame Street and other pervasive media, that appear to be straight, and how can I protect my children from them as much as possible?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27304459

Oh for crying out loud! How about you be a bloody parent and take some responsibility, for one. If you of such weak mind and poor influence that you believe Sesame street is suddenly going to make your little Jimmy into a screaming fag than shut off the damned TV and be a parent instead before this attitude destroys us all!

You teach subservience to the Bible, but it is just another physical medium of words and stories like sesame street. When you point to the bible as the absolute and only source profound truth you teach children to put absolute faith in an ink and paper book rather than in themselves using our natural built in compass. God built our minds and our hearts to contain his spirit here on earth and Jesus came to tell us that the truth was, not in our language, not in our writing and not even in our laws but that it was in our hearts. Each one of us are the direct and divine connectors to God through all that is life, the human experience, and our eternal souls. Dependence on anything other your own deep connection to God to form your own thoughts and guide your true purpose in life is a sure recipe for disaster.

At times I think it would great to know my final purpose here on Earth, but then again, I think it would probably just spoil the ending if I knew anyway, so I'm having to learn to give up that control and let life and my heart guide me, because I know that is where God really is; we can all feel it if we want to feel it. Love and sacrifice for others makes the heart feel healthy and vibrant, but is sometimes physically uncomfortable. Doing evil makes the heart feel sick and energy-less, but is generally very physically rewarding and gives us a gratuitous ego stroking. Resisting evil and doing good is a struggle and I ain't no saint. I try to do as much good as possible but I know that I can and should do more good knowing that I have committed evils that have damaged myself and others by feeling the evil in my heart.

In the few true and genuine intimate friendships I have been blessed enough to experience with friends I really loved, there was no feeling of evil in my heart, despite callous words telling me otherwise. So I know, in my heart, what true love is, but I also know that when searching for that genuineness of mutual and exclusive human love we allow ourselves to succumb to substituting quick convenient lust - where another human is nothing more than a physical object in our mind - that we allow evil in and the heart does respond in a wholly different way.

We are both here on a purpose and a plan from God that we ourselves are not even supposed to know and understand. I won't presume to be greater or better than you by telling you what I think your purpose and plan is, if you don't presume to tell me what mine is.

I believe in strong families and strong people who lead from the heart, because if we can just learn to find God already in us, than we would realize that we directly assault him by hurting each other - as the divine reflections of our creator here on earth - and dividing each other where divisions need not exist. Maybe God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah solely because a few guys expressed love to each other, or he destroyed a city that had lost all love for each other and where men had become so evil and disconnected from their hearts, that they would look upon the divine angels of God with such lust and malice that they would rape them. Had they good hearts full of love, they would have dropped to their knees and offered their hospitality. It was the absence of love, I believe, that warranted their end.

Truth is that some Men will always love some Men, and many men will always get lost in lust while seeking love, gay or straight, so if it is beyond your plan and purpose to 'convert' homosexuals that really are deeply in need of love and fellowship, than maybe you need to accept that they are on a purpose and plan of their own and and accept them and teach them about the power of leading their lives with love and not lust in their hearts and let God guide them from there. No one but ourselves are responsible to answer for God's Judgment on our own life.

So shut off the sesame street and teach your kids to truly listen their hearts for the truth. If they do, they will find their purpose in life and be good people who bring hope and fellowship to those around them, and they will learn to see and avoid real evil for themselves as God reveals it to them.
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