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Message Subject Spain banks suspend house evictions for 2 years
Poster Handle PeterAndrewNolan
Post Content
Neither is Germany. It's ridiculous to suggest that there could be another war.

We have been downsizing our military year after year and there are hundreds of binding treaties.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27584447

There is going to be another big war...WW III. And Germany will be one of the least involved nations. That is a BIG reason why I have chosen Germany as my new home.

I have met many Germans who know what is really happening but most do not.

Just as you talk of "binding treaties"? You germans might like to know that I have two letters from your guvment saying that the UNs universal declaration of human rights is not binding on your guvment. Yep...not binding.

One of them even says the UDHR is "very important" and "not binding". How can it be important and not binding? Eh?

A lot of german men I meet who I tell that to are very surprised. Those of you who are german might like to ask Angela Merkel to put under oath whether the UN UDHR is binding on her guvment or not. She won't do it you know.

I have a case running in Germany and your Angela Merkel is not very amused at all. I have asked some German men to get themselves involved but they take one look at what I am doing and run away at 200kms/hour. I asked a fathers rights group to come and witness my court meeting on April 18th. Of all the men in the fathers rights area in Germany not ONE was willing to take a few hours out of his day to witness that court meeting. How about that? A man born in Australia standing up for the rights of germans in germany and no germans were willing to turn up to witness the event.

Did you know I have a german judge, on record, on the bench, in front of FOUR police officers claim that slavery was lawful in Germany? Yep. That has been served on Hans-Peter Friederich. I asked him why the officers did not recognise such a claim of legalised slavery and did not object. It seems police in germany are not trained in the difference between legislation and law.

I thought German men were a little more willing to question their guvment and their judiciary than Irish and Australian men.

Feel free to contact me if you wish to know more about what is happening in your country, now my country too.
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