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Message Subject Spain banks suspend house evictions for 2 years
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You people arguing over which country owes money to whom are ABSURDLY HILARIOUS!

As well you people who are saying JUST PAY YOUR MORTGAGE AND SHUTUP!

The REAL problem is that the BANKS control the JOB MARKET by controlling credit.

They PLANNED from the start to get everybody mortgaged up when jobs were plentiful, then PLANNED to eliminate jobs and foreclose.

This is the FRAUD in the mortgage contract.

Borrowers are sold a bill of goods regarding the economy and they think it is perfectly reasonable (although it is not) to borrow $1,000,000.00 with interest on a $300,000 house that is really worth $50,000 in pre-inflation dollars.

The banks get away with it merely because their control over the credit market is dis-connected from the mortgage world.

If sheeple understood this, nobody would take out a mortgage, but the fact of the matter is that sheeple were DECEIVED, plain and simple.

Therefore, nobody should pay a mortgage, regardless of some of your feeble-minded "good christian" motivations.

The mortgage contract is fraudulent when the banks fail to disclose that "we will eliminate your job so you can't pay on this contract and we can then foreclose" is a systemic part of the deal.

Get it?
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