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Message Subject Spain getting worse
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
Young men please note.

"Fifty-three-year-old Amaya Egaña, a former Socialist politician, jumped from her sixth-story balcony while a legal team waited to foreclose on her home. The representatives were from La Caixa Bank in Barakaldo, Spain and were forced to call a locksmith when Egaña didn’t answer the door."

So let me get this straight so everyone understand where men fit into this equation. When MEN commit suicide after being evicted from their homes and do this for DECADES nothing happens…indeed the oppression gets WORSE. When ONE WOMAN does the same there is OUTRAGE and we need IMMEDIATE ACTION.

Are you men understanding what human shit other people consider you yet?

Please pass this along. Young men have a RIGHT TO KNOW that they are considered disposal human beings and that nothing will be done for them if they are criminally victimized.

Young men have a RIGHT TO KNOW that women are the “privileged class” and their “suffering” is a MILLION TIMES MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SUFFERING OF MEN.

Let the lads know. If you do not let them know? You are betraying them.

[link to www.inquisitr.com]
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Thanks for the introduction to girl writes what.She is brilliant.

It has always been women and children first. It is our job and responsibility to deal with it.
I'd at least like a little recognition if I ever have to do the Birkenhead drill.
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