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Message Subject Wow, WTF?! No Meat Mondays in Los Angeles, Agenda 21 strikes again!
Poster Handle DT2
Post Content
If you meat/dairy lovers knew what the meat and dairy industry is doing to your health and the planet, you would not see this as a bad thing..

As someone who used to love meat and dairy products, I can understand where your coming from, however as someone who has educated himself on the affects of these industries on personal health and the environment and the amount of cruelty and suffering to animals, I no longer view meat or dairy in the same way.

Meat and dairy are both acidifying and inflammatory to the body, and the leading cause of most disease, including cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and auto-immune disorders.

While your minds love these foods, your body doesn't and it is slowly causing your bodies to fall apart and is causing you to have a shorter lifespan with increasingly medical issues.

As someone who has lost 225lbs and experienced optimal health as a low fat raw vegan, consuming raw/living fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and a small amount of seeds and nuts, I have an in-depth understanding of health and wellbeing.

If you continue to feed the mind and ignore the symptoms of disease caused by your uninformed choices, then you will have a shorter life filled with doctor visits, and the typical age related diseases.

Read 80/10/10 by Dr Douglas Grahmn to fully understand, you can also see videos on youtube by him.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2465829

Is it on the store shelve or have they forced the stores to take it off for mondays?

Vegan diet really bad for teeth and bones, let me tell ya!
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

When the body is acidified due to consuming meat and dairy, it pulls calcium from the bones/teeth to stabilize the ph balance of the blood. You can get all essential nutrients from nature, there is nothing harmful with these nutrients, as they are what the human body is composed of in their natural state. We need Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients in the form that the body recognizes and evolved with, it just so happens that living fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and small amounts of seeds and nuts is highly alkaline to the body and beneficial, not detrimental to maintaining strong bones and teeth.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 2465829

I get where you are coming from, but you are simplifying it too much. FACTORY FARMED INDUSTRIALLY RAISED/PROCESSED meats and milk are bad for human health (and pets), not to mention anything GMO. Grassfed and finished beef and livestock have been proven to be healthy. They have tons of omega-3s and good fats, plus a healthy dose of B vitamins. Factory farmed livestock have a dangerous level of omega-6s not to mention other nasty stuff in 'em, like heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

Industrially produced milk from GMO fed cows has a protein in it called casein A or something like that which creates inflammation and other problems in the human body. Organic milk is better, but raw milk is best. I can't drink pasteurized milk because the lactase is removed (I'm lactose-intolerant), but I can drink raw milk because all of the proteins and enzymes are present.

Re: getting vitamins and essential minerals from plants only, this is only true if the plants are raised on healthy soils which contain all of the macro and micro nutrients. While organic soils are better in this regard, it's not 100% that all organic soils have all of those nutrients since many soils have been depleted over the years or were converted to organic production from industrial.

I tried vegetarianism, border-line vegan for about three years and my health really declined. I returned to eating only local, organic and/or pastured meats from farmers I can talk to about their products a few years ago and my health returned. I also ensure that the farmers treat their animals humanely because it's just inexcusable, gross, sinful if you ask me, the way livestock are treated in factory farms. I guarantee that nothing tastes better than beef raised on a diet of what God intended.

In short, the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is not for everyone.
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