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Message Subject BREAKING: Indiana Explosion has been Identified!!! Must Read!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Been up with this news since it broke on multiple threads and different forums, as well as news updates and the such...it was getting out of hand for me...so I took a break from GLP and the such and decided to watch a movie...and what movie pops right up on my NETFLIX recommendations?

Donnie Darko

I watched it...
and it got me thinking...

Nah...that would be crazy!
Almost crazier than a missile or meteor strike!
Whew...I almost went on a tangent there!

Good thing I don't think crazy thoughts or have crazy theories. The only possible explanation in the universe is a gas explosion...

 Quoting: AFGW 21140569

It's hard being a critical thinker in an over medicated and dumbed down society...

But you are right...it has to have been a gas explosion...nothing to see here move along now...

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