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Message Subject BREAKING: Indiana Explosion has been Identified!!! Must Read!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
man can you people just let the whole shill thing rest? focus on the issue. who cares about shills. at this point, we're all so used to it, just let them make their stupid comments, it bumps the thread. if you're an experienced poster here, you'll ignore it. also, you do deserve one star for saying explosions source has been identified...clearly, you did not 'identify' it, you simply posed a theory.

that said...

clearly several things don't add up. the 'authorities' say it WAS NOT GAS. ok, NOT GAS.

meteor? BAD theory. people would have seen it coming in. also, debris would have been found. if you live in the area, go see for yourself. i don't get why people carry on about events half a mile from them but have NOT explored it personally. get your fucking boots on the ground. use your intelligence to track it down, there are many ways you can research it locally.

why would anyone drone attack a residential area in indianapolis? makes no sense whatsoever. any sort of attack like that would target a 'symbolic' area...like oh i don't know, the twin towers. not the home of a school teacher.

let's analyze:
1) people being found unconscious.
a) show me the link, info, evidence of this. screw hearsay.

2) no reported odor or warning.
a) again, people reporting weird emergency signals and such...ok....go to the station and find the broadcast, if possible. prove this.

3) was there any underground explosion? if it was methane, it would have to have come from underground. did the house even have a basement?

4) meth lab RULED OUT.

think, people. THINK.
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