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Message Subject BREAKING: Indiana Explosion has been Identified!!! Must Read!!
Poster Handle Obvious
Post Content
This was NOT a gas explosion. The news even said that GAS EXPLOSION has been ruled out!
Common sense will tell you that much. Look at all the videos of REAL gas explosions. They all show the gas line blown after the explosion with burning gas spewing into the air.
The "gas" shills seem to think people are this stupid?
The fire dept has experts that can tell immediately if gas was involved. Its a simple chemical test.


Meth lab - Hell no
There is NO WAY a meth lab would cause an explosion felt 67 miles away. Even in central America.
Had there been a meth lab that big the DEA and local authorities would have already announced that, just to keep the conspiracy idiots (me, you and us) quiet.

Drone strike - Possible.
I am retired military and i have seen MANY drone strikes. I have seen them take place and i have been deployed to secure areas that drones have struck. None of those are remotely close to this debris.
That being said, i am not an expert so different debris fields i would assume are natural.
There are reports of people hearing "booms" before the big boom and reports of people seeing the emergency message via sheeple tube prior to this event.
Now, you have to ask ... if it was a drone, then WHY?
I mean... if it was a hit on the people who died common sense would have been to do as the CIA always does. Murder/suicide ... its quiet, its efficient and it keeps the mass media away. People never question it and its simple to pull off.

It is obvious this is something being covered up. Other wise we would be told what to believe by now.
TPTB are monitoring sites and collecting what WE are saying.. then later they will cook up an excuse that is directly the opposite of what the masses are conspiring.
This is all simple to see using logic and common sense.

What is the truth in my opinion?

Either meteor (although it not leaving a big hole in the ground kinda puts a halt to this theory)

Something this dude was fucking with blew up.
I find this one hard to believe also.

A shot down UFO - Well, thats a stretch but how would we know if it was? They evacuated the entire area and wont let anyone back in. Hence.. plenty of time to destroy or hide the evidence.

What i DO know is... this was NOT planned. Had it been planned by our professional nazi government, they would have had the "answer" as to what caused it BEFORE they executed it. The fact they do not already have a pre-organized cause shows they are monitoring opinions so they can counter the most obvious.

As most of you know, we will probably never know the TRUTH either way.
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