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Subject Huge FEMA Camps being setup in Linden, NJ. Not even a disaster area!!
Poster Handle mrclean
Post Content
Check out the photos of this thing in the article.

Linden is NOT a disaster area, there is no reason for this to be there....

Amurikkka....what a grand old country.

That plant was torn down in 2008 to make way for a building renaissance that so far hasn't happened. But in the past few days what has arisen aren't structures of steel and concrete, but an encampment comprised of wooden poles and white tent bunting.

An enormous tent city, complete with guards, fencing, and gates, is now housed at the old GM plant site. There are water trucks, vehicles for taking showers, and what looks like a ton of raw materials for more building.

[link to woodbridge.patch.com]
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