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Message Subject Huge FEMA Camps being setup in Linden, NJ. Not even a disaster area!!
Poster Handle KnightsTemplar.TV
Post Content
they will soon declare it an uninhabitable disaster zone and FORCE anyone still living there OUT and into the fema camp if they have no where else to go

but they WILL force those people out and the places without power now will remain ghost towns...

count on it
 Quoting: ^TrInItY^

Like Japan? This is like Agenda 21 Monopoly 2012 on steroids with HARP as a new card in the game.....
 Quoting: KnightsTemplar.TV

Like Japan? Japan is more free then America and their government gives their citizens a munch higher standard of living.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3839240

How is Japan more free when it cost a citislave much more to live and raise a family there than here in the states?

It is about 40-50% cheaper for a citislave of commerce to live as an American citizen than a Japanese Citizen. Now please explain to me how they are more free and have a munch higher standard of living.

Welcome to your future

Indexes Difference US compared with Japan Info

Consumer Prices in United States are 38.73% lower than in Japan

Consumer Prices Including Rent in United States are 35.77% lower than in Japan

Rent Prices in United States are 27.51% lower than in Japan

Restaurant Prices in United States are 15.44% lower than in Japan

Groceries Prices in United States are 38.95% lower than in Japan

Local Purchasing Power in United States is 48.51% higher than in Japan
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