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Message Subject Huge FEMA Camps being setup in Linden, NJ. Not even a disaster area!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Then explain why the fence is pointed in towards the camp?? It's not to keep people out it is to keep people IN!!


This alone should arouse everyone's curiousity...........
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26366942

Surprisingly, I think a lot of people are too dumb ed down to be curious about much of anything or question anything....

the true zombies
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 8171374

If you look back through the posts someone took the time to post a photograph of the site back in the day when it was a GM facility. The fence was there back then.
 Quoting: Angelic_Warrior

Doomtards you base your facts on a fence pointing in, instead of out LOL its a well known fact if sites have expensive equipment they put the fences this way to prevent people taking the equipment as in its easy enough to get in and be caught but not so easy to get stuff out
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26027912

Damn you and your logic,damn you to hell!!!!
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