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Message Subject Bernard Mendez Interview -- Special Presidential assistant ET Negotiator
Poster Handle Alexander
Post Content
When I saw that the iterview was 4 hours long I thought - uh oh. But having listened to a good 15 hours of various other interviews of Basiago I wondered about Mendez because he was somewhat new as a whistle blower and was one who was not subjected to mind-control where his memory was compartmentalized. He reported directly to the President and basically was the negotiator with ETs. Meaning he was the person who interacted with them and reported what he learned to Nixon among others. His story is exceptionally revealing. I put headphones on and relax in the recliner to listen.

Listened to the shorter interviews the next day but the 4-hour one was the best as it is filled with data that cleared up areas of confusion after listening to some other whistle blowers awhile back. What I like about Mendez he just lays it all out there in great detail.

Here is a shorter interview that he participates in with Andy Basiago and Laura Eisenhower. Laura tends to come across as a bit scattered brain. Basiago claims he was a roommate with Obama for 3 months in one of the DARPA programs.

[link to www.youtube.com]

QUOTE: Time travel and teleportation technologies are real, and the United States government has used them since at least the 1960s. So say our guests lawyer Andy Basiago and former special assistant to President Nixon Bernard Mendez. They know, because they say they were a part of these programs that sent them through time and space to the past, the future, and even to Mars! And they weren't alone. They report being with many others, including a young Barack Obama!

Laura Eisenhower, great-grandaughter of President Eisenhower also joins us to corroborate their stories of a secret space program hidden from the ordinary citizens of Earth.
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