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Message Subject The Smell of a Boy's Anus scented oil Now on Sale in Japan.( LOL! WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS WORLD??? )
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I dont find it in the least bit funny.

The thought of such humor is irresponsible.

Profiting by such sick behavior is as serious as rape, genocide, bank fraud and the Pope committing incest for witchcraft.

Its sad. Its stupid, and if you are laughing, you need to wake the fuck up and grow the fuck up and take a goddamn stand to this bullshit sickness that develops when mass information has flooded the human mind.

We are all in this together and we either celebrate it or condemn it.

If its both, they cancel themselves out and nothing happens.

Principles are becoming a commodity since most people are dreamy stupid pathetic sheep.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1530252

It's just depraved behavior. Something is about to happen over there. I don't think God will let this stand
 Quoting: dschis1000

By that same reasoning, something will happen to the USA cause we have the NORTH AMERICAN MAN BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION

I hate people that generalize a whole group of people for a few, it usually points to low education, ignorance ..

Theres bad apples amongst everybody.
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