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Message Subject BREAKING: Iranian Navy Intercepts Saudi Oil Co Vessel - Choppers Invade Saudi Airspace
Poster Handle AFGW
Post Content
So this is gonna happen now, huh?
Come on man! It's Veteran's Day! (observed)
What a bunch of dicks.

Off topic though...
How weird is it that Iron Man and the other Various Avengers are in my city at this very moment?

Seriously, they are...and I don't live in Hollywood...or a fantasy world, although in fairness...I am posting on GLP.

I live in a place called "Wilmywood"...or, "Hollywood East". They are filming Iron Man 3, promos for the upcoming Avengers and every other Marvel Comics Movie will be made here now. Not to mention the TV show Revolution, which holds up effin traffic in town every damn week...seriously...they are shooting like thirty separate projects here...it's getting outta hand.

I'll put a call into the studio at once and have the Avengers dispatched immediately. I'll even throw in Dwayne the Rock Johnson...he's here all the damn time now...filming some bad movie...shit, you can have "Gus Fring" and Michael Madsen too. Travolta, I hope your lame ass never shows up here again...you were a Dick. Vince Vaughn and Steve Buscemi can come back anytime and get stabbed again at any of our local downtown bars anytime (that was a little overboard, didn't mean that literally)

Having DeNiro here is cool, but that's about it. The rest of em can take all their Vans and Cameras and PA's and head to Dubai.

Doesn't Tony Stark have a place out there anyway?

My town is turning into Hollywood, we had effin TMZ here. The Avengers can go fight some Iranian ass and get outta my town for a little while.
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