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Message Subject I Need Your Help GLP!!! For A Massive Financial Story I'm Working On!!!
Poster Handle Nobody
Post Content
Well if you know about what the Nobody did, then it would make sense. Go back to the year 2009 and look what transpired then.

The somebody then,(Nobody now) gave the US Treasury some bonds that enabled them to foreclose on the Fed and activate the buy out clause in the Federal Reserve Act. The nobody essentially paid off the debts per the Treaty of Paris. This allowed the the United States of America to become free. (Remember when the Queen came to the United States? She was here to look at the Gold, 83 tons of it, to make sure it was pure and not tungsten. That gold went to the crown and to the Vatican.)

Then the Nobody realized that all the people owed for the Federal Reserve Notes and then settled all those debts. This is the Redemption. Remember when the Chief Actuary went crazy and stated that he had worked for the Social Security Administration for 30 years and never knew how it worked?

(Ever wonder why Obama went on vacation to India with all his friend and everyone else? Where did he get the money for that? He also stated that he had a new way of getting money.)

Also if you remember that is when the Constitution was read into the Federal Record for the very first time since it was signed.

Everything is not as it seems.
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