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Message Subject I Need Your Help GLP!!! For A Massive Financial Story I'm Working On!!!
Poster Handle Saddletramp
Post Content
Okay guys, I'm calling up old banker friends and contacts today, even some old contacts at the Dallas Federal Reserve to get to the bottom of this, but I warn you, if my suspisions are correct, this could be huge...One of the biggest financial stories of the year!!!

What I need is for everyone who reads this to check the Cash in your Wallet or where ever, and see if you have any money there that has a series date after 2009???

None of the Banks have extra cash on hand, they are virtually running hand to mouth. Old bills that should have been retired because of wear and tear are staying in the system. When you can get cash at your bank, it's all old bills. And I know they printed a huge run in 2011, but I can't find where it has been made available to the banks for distribution. We're talking about Hundreds of Billions in cash being held out of our financial system right now...

And the question is...Why???

Help Me Out GLP, Take a quick look at your bills and let me know what you find. The printing run date is near the bottom on the front of the bills...

 Quoting: Saddletramp

Out of ten 20s, two were printed in 2009, the rest between 2004 and 2006. Most look nearly brand-new. Whazzup?
 Quoting: MtBarb

I dunno, there is supposed to be a 2011 series, that would also apply to money printed in 2012 (until the new hundred dollar bill comes out) but I can't find any of it in the system. 90% of the cash they print is used to replace worn currency, but the cash supplies to banks, ATM's, and Business' seems to be tightening...

It just doesn't make sense why the Fed is tightening the cash supply out there right now...

Unless it's for tracking purposes...

The rule on cash withdrawals and deposits is they report anything over $10,000 in a one month period to the IRS, unless your deposits look structured, then they automatically report, and unless you are a business that consistently withdraws more than that for business' purposes, then they give you a waiver for the reporting rule.

But if you try to withdraw $8,000 from your average bank branch these days they are going to have trouble coming up with the money for you, and they are going to ask you questions...

So far as I know the reporting rules have not changed, so why all the trouble and all the questions?!?!?
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