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Message Subject I Need Your Help GLP!!! For A Massive Financial Story I'm Working On!!!
Poster Handle MtBarb
Post Content
I have been an active financial trader in the past, but for the last few years I have been on the sidelines.

What I see happening right now - today - is a contraction of the US money supply.

If you look at technical charts of gold, silver, oil and the USD/CHF (dollar to Swiss Francs) and compare that with the US stock market, you can see what I am talking about.

The US stock market is used to remove excess cash from the "economy." Just like in South Park: annnnnnnnnnd, it's gone. Poof!

The stock market is the BEST way to make the capital of the middle class evaporate so they can never become capitalists.

Believe it or not, it actually a GOOD thing to contract the money supply, but ONLY for smart people. People who own non-blue chip stocks and have REAL ESTATE LOANS are the ones who will get raped when the money supply is contracted.

The main thing to understand here is that all of you sheeple have been conditioned (by media, on behalf of the Banks) to think that certain aspects of the economy are GOOD and others BAD, but in reality, the opposite is generally true.

Appreciating home value is BAD
Stock market increases are BAD
Easily available credit is BAD
"Economic" growth is ......BAD

Don't get me wrong, I am personally a capitalist, but I studied economics in college, and I have seen that it is a sham.

Those things above a BAD because they are all inflationary. With the modern global market, the BANK plays countries against each other (as they used to in war) buy inflating one country's money supply while contracting another's.

The purpose of inflation now is the same as it was 200 years ago. Hell, 2000 years ago: To foreclose on real assets.

I go on for hours :P but most of you would get bored and THAT is the reason this system works.

You call yourselves "capitalists" but ANYBODY who buys a house on mortgage is explicitly making themselves into a serf.

A capitalist ALWAYS uses his CAPITAL to make a profit, but you idiots will go "buy" a $300,000 house and pay almost a MILLION FUCKING DOLLARS FOR IT with the interest.... happily.

This puts you right into the jaws of the beast - it's just a matter of timing whether you make a "profit" (inflationary false gain) or get nailed to a cross.

A REAL capitalist would buy raw land, build a house and then sell when the market is at a peak. Then he would put that money into an asset which had acted as a relief valve in the system of THAT CYCLE. - something who's value had decreased while R/E values increased.

So, back to my original point. The contraction of the money supply is GOOD for Americans who KNOW what is actually happening, because it makes our CAPITAL more valuable.

Commodities are cheaper, real estate is cheaper (to buy with cash) gold is cheaper (haha), oil is cheaper and there are bankrupt companies littering the streets that I can buy up for pennies. Now I can earn an income on my capital that is FAR above a blue chip dividend.

Anyway, most of you sheeple ignore this subject, so you are all screwed.

There is no "DOOM" coming if you actually know how the system works.

Get it?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27384624

While I agree with 98% of your post but you left out “one” very important fact …. Doom my good friend is close remember that 16T we owe? Add in some education debt 1T and then sprinkle in a little SS Medicare cost. Then to top it off with some nice fat State debt… that makes for a nice cup of DOOM LOL
 Quoting: YaRight

And whom to we owe this 16 trillion to? No, not just China. Most of the debt is owed to the Federal Reserve. Tell them to go pee up a rope (remember Iceland?)
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