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Message Subject I Need Your Help GLP!!! For A Massive Financial Story I'm Working On!!!
Poster Handle Saddletramp
Post Content
Okay Saddletramp, Oyster and others... I have read through and understand the issues as presented regarding the printing and tightening...

But for one not savvy in this area, I can't figure out if all this means physical cash will be extra valuable or worthless when TSHTF... Both arguments seem to have traction...

So, please opinionate and educate... And tell me if I should be acquiring actual cash...
 Quoting: notgonna

Well, in my opinion, and this is after talking to four old friends who are still in high positions in banking, I think this shortage of cash is defintely being done on purpose. What that purpose is, is debatable, but I think it has something to do with capital controls being implemented in Jan of 2013.

But unlike the capital controls being implemented in Jan of 2013, this tightening of cash supplies is not being done by law, it's being done by executive fiat. That, in and of itself, worries me.

One must always ask, what do they know that I don't?

So far I have come up with two logical reasons for this tightening of cash supplies.

1.) Use of Debit cards is much more traceable for trend, tax, and criminal purposes. Meaning they want to move us to a cashless society (no surprise there), but here's the one problem with this theory, they are still printing tons of cash, it's just not making it into circulation here in the U.S.A.

2.) They expect a financial collapse that would make 2008 look like a cake walk, and they want to be able to regulate the disposition of cash during potential bank runs that might occur. I hate to say it, but this makes even more sense than my first conclussion.

In any case, this seems to be a form of stealth capital controls, so in my humble opinon, it might not be a bad thing to have a little extra cash on hand, say one months expenses, just in case...

Hell they aren't paying you any real interest for it at the bank, so you might as well stuff it in your matress anyway...
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