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Message Subject Francophonie Music Of All Time.
Poster Handle Moulin_Jean
Post Content
Tryo - Pour un flirt avec la crise 1998

Flirting with the crisis

She is stronger than you ...
the crisis Worn rolled the populace rises It is heavy but the crowd rings fits in a underground corridor "ouhoo ouhoo ..."
All eyes on the needle to pass the time watching Who sneaks like an eel and constantly put you in In the Wind "yeaah yeaah yeaah yeah yeah yeah yeah ..."
You'll end up in your ass shirt and flirt with the crisis! (Bis)
Killed flat backs bent by your schedule You do not know what to do to distract Grinding subway train is approaching It is the movement of the crowd who drown as you swell over time without thinking you Every minute is counted as earned is well cashed a check!
You'll end up letting go In your flirtation with the crisis! (Aa) "yeaaah yeaaah maaan maaan yeaaah yeaaah maaan"
Gone a stream of air through the mouth Mashed earth is always breathless on edge! In its global multinational armored man active in our tender years is the technocrat who has crushed his job its millions of partners who crushed our vendors streetlights Who's partying and his secretary that during prayer s'retient ... Who practiced the art of mastery How to take advantage of the crisis How p'tites companies and its flirtation with the crisis "yeaaah maaan yeaaahh maaan yeaaah yeaaah maaan"
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