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Goerge Noory

User ID: 27596517
United States
11/12/2012 11:47 AM
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Goerge Noory
George is an unmitigated idiot. He slurs his words, forgets what he is talking about, inserts ridiculous comments, and asks nonsense questions. He believes his audience to be brain dead or at least mental midgets.

I would pay to subscribe to C2C if they put Art back on or at least someone who is as excited about the format as he was. Art was honest in his approach to the program and its' content. If he was skeptical about the information being presented he would ask insightful if not tough questions. George simply allows the "guest" to babble on about their "truth". We all know it is about selling books and/or web sites. The difference is Art wasn't buying and wasn't trying to sell us. George drinks the kool-aid and then attempts convince us to take a drink.

Has the quest for $ become so pervasive that Clear Channel cannot see that it is destroying an interesting concept. CC lose the chimp and hire an engaged host!

User ID: 14217823
United Kingdom
11/14/2012 03:59 PM
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Re: Goerge Noory
You forgot to mention;

* Misses every opportunity to ask a probing question, one which the audience is thinking
* Misses every opportunity to ask a confrontational question, one which the audience is thinking
* Misses every opportunity to ask a critical question, one which the audience is thinking
* Misses every opportunity to ask a deeper question, one which the audience is thinking
* He lies about always being on when it's a holiday, then isn't
* Continually promotes shitty ads ad nauseum
* Always tells us where he's gonna be (in St Louis, LA) like we give a fuck
* And worst of all, I catch him so many times not really listening (note when he says 'absolutely' all the time...that's when he doesn't listen, example;

Guest discussing euthanasia: "...and then afterwards, well, I had to pull, the plug on my grandmother."
Gorge:"...absolutely...so, you ever go to St Louis?"

SERIOUSLY! WTF! It's supposed to be an insightful, intelligent discussion show...wake the f up!

I miss Ian, I liked the way subjects were presented and discussed, and he challenged guests.

And Art, as the show founder, is the master...it was his show, that was what made C2C popular.

Wiki says, don't know if it's true...On November 1, 2012, Bell updated his Facebook status with the following: "I wish my name was no longer associated with what Coast has become!"

Can really believe it. Shame. A voice of the people has been muted.
If you believe that corruption exists,would it not then be clear that corrupt people would do anything to hide evidence of their corruption?This is why conspiracy theories exist.Only because corruption exists.