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Message Subject Please! What is the world coming to? I'm confused...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Learn to love yourself. When i detatched from this game i was forced to learn this. How can you love anything else in the world if you dont love yourself OP? Religions will only put your mind in a box and have you looking outside your self for power, making you feel loved, but weaker in truth. The purity of the christian/catholic religions are good qualities to adapt in ones personality yes, but praying will have you outside of yourself waiting for things to happen. Come back to self, love yourself, and you will see how your world then unfolds for you. This inside creates the outside world, try it what do you have to lose?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 4241633

I cant love myself as long as satan is part of the game. God And satan is playing a game within US. Until I have banned satan from myself, I would never love myself.
 Quoting: Mr. Andersson

Satanism is about "loving" yourself and those who deserve it.

The way of God is about realizing the unconditional "love" for all things.

God does not play games. Playing games are for creatures with mindsets. God is the ever permeating energy, not some some bearded man in the sky.

The game you are referring to is the YinYang, our inner struggle. There is a shred of darkness in the deepest light and the brightest light still cast a shadow.

The Christian/Judaic word "God" has been fowled up over the years with pagan aspects. God is not a fleshy man shaped figure, and is certainly not a "he." It is the chair you sit in, It is your emotions, It is that pretty girl at the bar, It is that horrible car accident.

God is the unstrayable path of all things.
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