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Message Subject Please! What is the world coming to? I'm confused...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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What is up is down and what is left is right. I understand how you feel and have fought this battle for years. Quit back story i get most of my income through frounded upon ways in all state but two now. I would always feel bad and like i was an evil person.
Tornado's hit our area two years back. the company i would for makes more than 10 millinion a year.(i do accounting work) only donated $250 dollars to the red cross. And didnt it before they hit. Our CEO what bragging about we donated to them.... myself i donate 20 times that amount and was helping cut down trees on the roads and houses.
I get clothes and used things for my neibors that are gong on hard times. I am always help neibors on their roofs yards and fixing things.
I car pool every day someone that lives in a hotel and has no id (yes american was homeless and working his way out). I have never asked anything from anyone. I could go on and on but i wont.
just remember when you sit down at night and thing about the day do you get that warm tickling feeling running down ur spin that feels like a hug or do you feel cold with that deep pit in ur stomach. That is how i decide to do the right thing.
I left relgion long ago (6 years). Why, because they are all filled with hate. And if i have to answer to my maker he will say man what a great life fill with love.

You dont have a girl and car but that is the best part. Because you can still pick which ones u want. Either way find our who you are: good, evil, or a sheep. Once you find oud they everything will start to fall into line. Good and evil is in the eye of the holder. The side effect of being good is that you will start to see all the evil and uncaring in the world. BUT HEY, turn off the lights and let the positive energies "hug" you.
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